Specialty Mixes

九龙娱乐网for all of the applications and industries using concrete, there’s a unique type or mix of concrete to match that application.

concrete equipment for any of the following applications:

  • Standard
  • Architectural/Decorative
  • Accelerated Set
  • Fiber-Reinforced
  • Flow-able Fill/CLSM
  • Roller-Compacted
  • Self-Consolidating (SCC)
  • Insulating
  • GFRC
  • Specialty Concretes: Abrasion Resistant, Heavyweight, High Slump, Lightweight, Micro-Silica, Shrinkage Reduced, Shotcrete Mixtures and Underwater Concretes

mixer systems, inc. is your one-stop source for the right mix of engineering, equipment, service, and support with concrete equipment for concrete solutions.

九龙娱乐网concrete equipment for specialty mix concrete solutions, including:


Batch Plants: